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Is My Ankle Broken or Sprained?

Athlete Holding Their Ankle in Pain On A Training Mat

Injuring an ankle can be an incredibly painful experience. The joint may be difficult to walk on or swollen, bruised, and tender to the touch. Because symptoms of broken and sprained ankles are very similar, it can be difficult for patients to identify which type of injury they’ve sustained in the moment. Recognizing the telltale…

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Basic Steps to Stay Healthy

A Person Sneezing Into A Tissue On The Sofa At Home

While a head cold isn’t usually a serious ailment for many patients, it also isn’t exactly fun. Seasonal changes tend to ignite colds, runny noses, headaches, and additional unpleasant immune responses. Plus, it’s a common cause of missed school for children and missed work for adults. Here, A+ Urgent Care lays out a few seasonal…

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Preparing for the Return of Allergy Season

A Patient In The Woods Using A Tissue Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

For some, springtime brings the warm feeling of sunshine, the bloom of beautiful flowers, and the optimism that winter is behind us. For others, it symbolizes one of the most uncomfortable times of the year – allergy season. Seasonal health is a major concern for many Americans. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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How Urgent Care Differs from After-Hours Physicians

Physician Listens To Smiling Senior Patient's Heartbeat With A Stethoscope

When a patient is sick or injured beyond their physician’s regular office hours, what should they do? Checking in with the on-call doctor at their physician’s practice is a logical first step. However, there are times when going directly to urgent care for medical services is necessary. Here, A+ Urgent Care discusses when patients should…

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Do COVID-19 Symptoms Differ in Smokers?

Person With Protective Face Mask Breaking Cigarette After COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted the world in many ways. However, those who use tobacco may be left wondering, “Can I smoke if I have COVID-19?” Medical professionals know that the disease can severely impact the lungs, leaving smokers more susceptible to catching the infection. A+ Urgent Care in Clifton, NJ, breaks down the symptoms of COVID-19,…

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Urgent Care for Common High School Sports Injuries

Track Athlete With Injured Ankle Sitting On The Ground With Teammate

High school sports are excellent extra-circular activities for students. They help promote healthy lifestyles for young people while teaching them valuable life lessons along the way. Unfortunately, injuries are sometimes part of the game. Young athletes who move in the wrong way, slip and fall, or come into sudden contact with the ground or a…

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Benefits of Visiting Urgent Care over the ER

Outside Shot Of An Urgent Care

Urgent care centers and emergency rooms (ERs) are both professional healthcare clinics that treat an array of medical conditions. However, when it comes to non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, urgent care is often the better option. Patients who visit urgent care can take advantage of the many services this facility provides. Here, A+ Urgent Care offers…

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Urgent Care for Strep Throat

Doctor Uses A Tongue Dispenser To Examine Patient’s Throat

A common bacterial infection, strep throat causes inflammation of the throat, resulting in irritation and painful discomfort. Known to be extremely contagious, it is important for patients to treat this medical condition before they pass it on to others. An excellent place to address strep throat is your local urgent care center. A+ Urgent Care,…

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