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A+ Urgent Care is your go-to provider of accessible healthcare solutions in the Clifton, NJ area. When an injury requires immediate attention but may not be necessarily life-threatening, we make it our business to diagnose and treat the issue as quickly as possible, before complications arise. We provide a level of personalized attention on par with your primary care provider, ensuring you get precisely the right treatment for your condition and needs.

While we strongly recommend visiting the emergency room for genuinely life-threatening injuries, such as head injuries and heart attacks, other conditions may not be so dire, and can be treated swiftly without recourse to invasive or intensive medical procedures. These include fever, minor fracturs and sprains, infections, breathing difficults and accidental falls, among others. Remember: always call 911 if you believe your condition to be life-threatening. However, if you or your loved one are experiencing medical symptoms that don’t appear lethal but require emergency attention, visit A+ Urgent Care of Clifton, NJ today.

Services offered at A+ Urgent Care of Clifton, NJ include:

  • Treatments for injuries and illnesses;
  • Basic medical procedures, including physical examinations, x-rays and lab tests;
  • Specialized procedures, such as vaccinations and COVID rapid testing;
  • And more
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