IV Vitamin Therapy


In 1960, Dr. Myers of Johns Hopkins University discovered the benefits of wellness through the development of the “Myers Cocktail”, a special developed intravenous vitamin infusion containing magnesium, calcium and vitamins B & C. 


The “Myer’s Cocktail” was found to have profound improvements in one’s wellness when infused weekly for 1 month, followed by a monthly regimen.


At A+ Urgent Care, we are proud to bring these unique and powerful therapies to our community!  Visit our partner ReviveRN, for IV Vitamin Therapy 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the benefits of infusion therapy? 


A: Intravenous hydration relieves symptoms much faster than oral hydration, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and being directly infused into the bloodstream. This direct infusion into the bloodstream allows for rapid relief of symptoms, in contrast to oral hydration, where the absorption is delayed for hours. Not only can intravenous hydration improve conditions like hangovers and jet lag, but athletes have noticed a significant performance edge by pre-hydrating.


Q:  What electrolytes and vitamins do you offer? And what are the specific benefits of each?


A: Magnesium chloride - prevents inflammation and supports a healthy immune system

    Calcium gluconate - builds strong bones and prevents calcium depletion

    Vitamin B complex  - promotes healthy hair and skin and acts as an anti-stress agent

    Vitamin C - one of the most powerful antioxidants utilized by the human body


Q: Will insurance cover IV infusion therapy? 


A: Most insurance plans will pay for portions of an IV infusion, but may not cover the entire cost.  As a patient, you will be responsible for your usual co-pay as well as any deductible you may have remaining with your insurance plan.  If there is any remaining balance, we will work with you to make payment affordable and convenient.


Q: I am interested in infusions that aren't listed here.  Do you offer any services not listed here? 


A: Yes!  Please contact us at 866-326-3000 to discuss. 


For any questions/comments/concerns that are not addressed here, please contact us at 866-326-3000


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* Flu shots are covered without any co-pay for most insurances and for those patients will be free. There are a few exceptions that will require a charge,  Aetna does not cover flu shots, and patients must have insurance. Please inquire with our office. 

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