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Injury Treatment in Clifton, New Jersey

Urgent Care Doctor Placing a Bandage on A Patient’s Arm As a healthcare clinic, A+ Urgent Care specializes in delivering quality medical services to patients who are suffering from minor wounds, pain, strains, or illnesses. Located in Clifton, New Jersey, the facility is equipped with the necessary resources and staff to offer treatments for a wide range of urgent care injuries. Learn more about which medical conditions are treated and why selecting an urgent care facility is a good option for your wellness needs.

Urgent Care Injuries

While minor injuries may not be life-threatening, they still require medical attention to help prevent the condition from worsening. At A+ Urgent Care, we offer quality healthcare services to alleviate a variety of injuries, such as:

  • Accidents slip and falls: Patients who have experienced a non-life-threatening fall or accident can have their condition examined by our trained physicians. X-rays may be needed to further analyze the severity of the incident.
  • Wounds that may require stitches: Cuts, punctures, and animal bites should be thoroughly cleaned and evaluated. In some cases, deeper wounds may also require stitches to ensure they heal properly.
  • Minor broken bones and fractures: Also known as incomplete fractures, we treat these types of injuries by immobilizing the affected area. Follow-up care may be necessary.
  • Eye irritation and redness: Patients suffering from eye dryness or irritation can receive the treatment they need at A+ Urgent Care to find relief.
  • Sprains and strains: While sometimes the best treatment is rest, we can help reduce pain and inflammation that may be causing discomfort. This includes sports injuries that commonly arise for athletes.
  • Moderate back problems: With the ability to cause crippling conditions, moderate back issues need to be monitored and treated before they worsen. The physicians perform in-depth examinations to pinpoint the issues and help patients find relief.
  • Skin rashes and infections: While they may seem minor, rashes and infections can increase in severity. Treatments for a wide variety of skin conditions are very important not just to relieve discomfort but to ensure nothing more serious is occurring within the body.
  • Difficulties breathing: Trouble breathing or shortness of breath can be an indication that a respiratory infection, injury, or illness is present. Our physicians can examine your symptoms and diagnose the issue onsite.

In addition to injuries, the medical team at A+ Urgent Care also treats most illnesses and chronic medical conditions. These include viruses, persistent coughs, fevers, urinary tract infections, and other ailments. The physicians also care for patients experiencing dehydration as a result of illnesses and other factors.

In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, patients should dial 911 immediately. A hospital's emergency room (ER) is essential for treating true emergencies, such as heart attack, stroke, and any other serious condition that may apply. If necessary, the team at A+ Urgent Care can transfer patients to the ER for further evaluation.

Why Choose A+ Urgent Care

With a commitment to our patients, we are dedicated to providing everyone who walks through our doors with the highest quality healthcare services and treatments. Along with having the expertise and resources available to care for a wide range of medical conditions, additional reasons why you should choose A+ Urgent Care for minor health needs include:

  • Facility accreditation: A+ Urgent Care is recognized as a nationally accredited urgent care facility recognized for its outstanding services and performance.
  • Flexible hours of operation: Accidents don’t wait to happen when it’s convenient. A+ Urgent Care has flexible hours, allowing patients to seek medical attention when they need it most.
  • Accessibility: Patients have the option of calling ahead to make an appointment or simply walking in to receive the care they need.
  • Insurance providers: We are proud to accept a broad assortment of insurance providers to streamline the intake process and help patients ease their financial responsibility.

Receive Treatment for Urgent Care Injuries

Patients in Clifton, New Jersey, who are suffering from minor injuries and other ailments can receive reliable, personalized medical services at A+ Urgent Care. The physicians and staff are able to treat several urgent care injuries and conditions. To learn more about our healthcare services and or to schedule an appointment with a physician, contact us today.